Photo of the Sleeping Giant

   Summary of the Sleeping Giant Awakens

The Sleeping Giant Awakens is a diary of a forester/firefighter that takes you on an entertaining yet informative journey through 52 years of first hand experience on the fire lines.

If you have always had a secret desire to experience fire fighting up close and personal, this is your chance--or you may simply want to know what it is like on the fire line. You will feel the heat of the fire, laugh at the humor woven through the entire book, and cry at death by fire as only the author can describe.

You will learn that fire ecology is more than a course at the University. It is a real and simple natural religion that we must learn to understand in order for the entire world, as we know it, to survive. You will see how and why wild fires in this nationís forests and range lands have become larger, more intense, and deadly.