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MUST READ BOOK " The Sleeping Giant Awakens"

Posted by Bobby Halton, Editor in Chief of FireEngineering Magazine, on July 1, 2012 Forum

The one thing about our profession is we learn something new or more about something important every day. As we watch our urban interface and our western wildlands erupt in epic wildfires this website gives us access to a book which provides tremendous insight as to why this is happening and what we can expect in the future. The book “The Sleeping Giant Awakens” is available and is my favorite fire service book of the year with amazing stories and lessons learned during the career of Forest Service icon, Sonny Stiger. I recommend all serious firefighters get the book, you will find it fascinating I guarantee it! Let me know your thoughts about it and lets be careful out there.

'Totally Awesome', a MUST read for everyone!
Rocky Infanger, Fire Chief Wolf Creek / Craig Fire Service Area

I have known and worked with Sonny for about the past 20 years and am constantly astounded at the diversity of his interests and his talents. From music to model railroading to horses to all things fire and now writing.

Sonny is able to take you with him in his storytelling, you can see in your mind’s eye what he is talking about. I thought that the name of his book “The Sleeping Giant Awakens” maybe in reference to the landmark just North of Helena until June 26th 2012 when I watched the Corral fire in the Helena valley go from a smoldering lazy fire into an angry, hungry giant. Sonny’s description of The Sleeping Giant Awakening is spot on. Make sure when you start reading the book that you have time to finish it, cause you won’t wanna put it down.

Ken Mergenthaler, Fire Chief Eastgate VFD

Sonny has, I believe, been one of the greatest supporters of Mother Earth his whole life, protecting her and those that inhabit her. This is a unique book in that he tells the story like we are setting there around the camp fire talking with him! Sonny has weaved a factual account of his life experiences working in and with “fire”, sharing his thoughts, family, and friends with us the readers his new friends.

Susan Mergenthaler, President, Board of Trustees
Eastgate Volunteer Fire Department, East Helena, Montana

I finished reading the book and I am very impressed with the quality of work, the valuable information contained in the publication and your personal comments and stories that made the reading even more interesting and enjoyable. I feel every high school, college and town in Montana should have this valuable reference in their stacks.

I feel the quality and quantity of information in the book makes it a great refernce book as well as a human interest story.

You would be a great guest for KTVH's Dunwell Report.

Three Cheers For A Job Well Done! Jan Braico

I enjoyed reading “The Sleeping Giant” especially about your and Bev’s lives and experiences. The technical aspects of wildfire management and control were well written –especially for a lay person like me. It provides the reader with a high level view of wildfire fighting and mitigation techniques including assessment of area susceptibility. It was very informative regarding critical training parameters for personnel on wildfire front lines and of the responsibilities of the support staff. I gained an appreciation for the professionals, such as yourself, involved in your field of forest management and wildfire suppression science. The emphasis on safety is a thread throughout the manuscript and identifies to the reader the unique hazards involved (including bears!).

You have made for yourself (and Bev) not only a remarkable career but you also have been instrumental in bringing the art and skills for combating the “Sleeping Giant” to a new level, providing a platform for mentoring those who will follow in your footsteps.

Your approach to prevention and submission take the “keystone cops” approach of years past to a professional, organized, businesslike approach that recognizes the teamwork and coordination necessary to protect/save property while emphasizing public and firefighter safety.

Your contributions have advanced the science for forest management, wildfire suppression/control, planning for prevention and the criticality of public and firefighter safety—all of which is evidence of a “life well lived”.

Blaine Stewart, PE, General Manager, Heber Light and Power, Utah

As a newcomer to Wildland fire fighting, I found Sonny’s book “The Sleeping Giant Awakens”, to be informative and interesting. It lays out the history and current problems we face fighting fires here in the Rocky Mountains in an easy to read, laid back style. It reads like a novel but informs like a training manual. I have purchased additional copies for gifts to my friends.

Bill Dooley, Assistant Fire Chief, Wolf Creek-Craig Fire Service Area

In 1967 I was a “volunteer” fire fighter out of the Spokane Employment Office. We were bused to Nordman, ID and them flown by helicopter onto a ridge, lined out and started building a hand line. We were shortly crowned off that line and evacuated, probably with your support from what I have read in your Sleeping Giants writing on line. After the supply bombing we retreated further down a ridge to a really basic spike camp salvaging as much from the drop as we could. I always thought it was amazing the no one was seriously hurt in that morning of excitement. Your piece is the most informative thing I have seen related to my 10 days on the fire and spiked my interest to put some of my history in perspective. By the way, thanks for probably saving my life.

Tim Jones Spokane, WA

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